Pipeline Management

Establish a single source of truth for your sales team

Crush your sales quotas

Are your sales goals giving you an ulcer? Sales managers are drowning in CRM data, and they still can’t tell if they’re winning or not.

With our pipeline management solution, you can focus on the accounts that need your attention, understand every part of your pipeline and spend more time crushing deals instead of deciphering metrics.

All the features you need. No costly plug-ins.

From contact management to opportunity tracking to closed-loop reporting, we’ve got you covered. Don’t let the lightweight design fool you—our simplicity gives you clearer insights.

Contact Management

Get a full view of your prospects, campaign history and contacts.

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Opportunity Management

Dig into the details of your team’s deals by stage, products, notes and more.

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Sales Collaboration

A dynamic feed shows you all of the latest activities happening in your organization’s sales pipeline.

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Sales Training Resources

Keep all of your sales resources in one place to speed up training and keep everyone up to date on key selling points.

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Closed-loop Reporting

Streamlined metrics offer a real-time look at your team’s performance.

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sell more

Sell more to prospects and customers

Based on your marketing campaigns, we’ll show you which leads are interested in products they haven’t purchased yet. 
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lead prioritization

Prioritize leads that are most likely to close

Through marketing automation and our Snapshot report you can identify the leads who intend to buy and follow-up instantly. 
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sales management

Collaborate to maximize your sales efforts

Take your team from zero to sixty in a single social feed and capture collective knowledge in one location. 
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connect leads

Connect reps with the right marketing resources

If your marketing is scattered across the galaxy, get organized. Give your team one place to access collateral. 
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the loop

Stay in “The Loop” with your team

With closed-loop reporting you can optimize your sales pipeline from cradle to conversion. 
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Bottom line: Who benefits from our pipeline management solution?

Sales Managers

Automate as much data entry as possible and access all the marketing resources you need in one repository.

Sales Reps

Gain insights into your overall pipeline, improve your daily performance and rest easier with more reliable data.


Don’t lose sleep over how much your CRM costs. Not only are we affordable—we continue to drive sales 24/7.